Northern Sky Rail Charters
Northern Sky Rail Charters


Thank you for your interest in the Northern Sky, America's Premier Luxury Rail Car, where the "comfort and enjoyment of the passenger" is our "make them feel like royalty" our goal. 


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In one word, it was a "Spectacular" A-plus, plus! The facilities were in perfect condition, the three person staff were outstanding, helpuful, and friendly, and the food was top restaurant delecions.

~Anson (July 2022)


Two beautiful cars…9,604 Miles….16 days….18 States….37 riders on five separate segments…...Wow !! And the entire Northern Sky adventure worked out perfectly. 

The food was impeccable….pleasing travelers from ages 5 to 83.  

The staff was excellent….helpful, knowledgeable, anxious to please and fun !!   They were pleasure to travel with and made the journeys even better.
All of our family and friends had nothing but good things to say about their trip and the good times we all had.  And to a person, they complimented Chef David for the quality of his meals and his ability to serve superb, four-course meals out of a tiny kitchen !

Most of our adult travelers commented about how this was a once in a life-time opportunity to see America while traveling in true luxury.  And, they all say that they will never forget it. And we certainly will never forget it !!  

It worked out better that we could ever have hoped for. Definitely the trip of a lifetime !!

~Pat and Bill (May 2022)


Dear David, David, and Taylor:

There is so much that I want to say, but only two words do it justice: thank you.

When I originally conceptualized the idea of the National School Choice Week whistle-stop train tour, I never really thought it was possible. Our funders thought I was insane, and everyone else thought I was just a kid who never got a chance to play with a train set. But I had a vision, of an old-fashioned whistle-stop train tour making its way across the country and inspiring little kids and their parents and activists at stops along the way…and well, lets just say, I was persistent.

Then, little by little, the idea started to gain traction, and people got excited. But I had absolutely no idea of where to even start! I didn't know if the idea was truly insane, if it was possible, or if it was something I could ever have our organization afford. Heck, I didn't even know where the tracks were. My only experience with Amtrak was going from Philadelphia to DC and back!

That's when I contacted David Kugler and Northern Sky, and from that conversation this entire wonderful tour was born. David, you walked me through this entire journey — every single step of the way. I am incredibly grateful. You not only made this possible, you educated me in the process, and we did it!!!  It's hard to explain how impactful and amazing this tour has been for our team, and also for so many of the families that participated in the 14 different events we held along the way. It was nostalgic, it was fun, it was something that nobody in my business had ever done before, and it was newsworthy.

From the first day I talked with David, and through the contracting phase, and then into the trip itself, the team from Northern Sky — Dave, Dave and Taylor — you were absolutely fantastic. We loved every minute of our time on the train; we all slept wonderfully, we had a blast, I made new friends, the food was absolutely phenomenal, we were able to get a ton of work done, and we got to see America like I've never seen it before. Truly transformational. The Northern Sky is a gem, and I consider it the honor of a lifetime to have joined you on board.

I know that we are far from easy clients. This project, for us, was the culmination of a lot of work and effort and putting on 14 events, with so much pressure on us to perform, must have made us a stressed out group of guys. But the team at Northern Sky handled it wonderfully, adapted to changes nimbly, stood up for our tour to Amtrak during the few times it was necessary (all in all, I think the trains ran on time….we can talk about the Amtrak stuff later!), and….from literally helping carry our train bell to entertaining our guests to helping with our clothing….you made our experience a great one. You guys are true professionals.

I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again next year. I hope that you'll have us back as clients, and that you were able to enjoy working with us as much as we enjoyed working with you.

Let's touch base soon. But in all sincerity -- THANK YOU.

~With gratitude, Andrew


I cannot thank you, your staff and owner enough for a truly remarkable trip. What began as a conversation with each of us in separate states, the cars in another and a plan to meet in a fourth, was the trip of a lifetime. During the planning stages, you repeatedly said "Trust me" and I am so glad I did. The accommodations are beautiful and comfortably handled our group of 14, the meals superb (I gained 6 lbs.) and attention to detail excellent. I look forward to our next adventure together.

~Thank you, Leonard


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